How Neck and Shoulder Pain relates to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Las Vegas, NV

How Neck and Shoulder Pain relates to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Las Vegas, NV

Neck and shoulder are connected to our wrist. Although the wrist often attracts Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it can also start in our neck and shoulders. Neck and shoulders are joints that can also cause pain, numbness and tingling sensations. They are also affected by this kind of syndrome because median nerve also passes through them. Carpal tunnel is a passage way ligament that connects across the lower arm and extends to the bone of the wrist. Median nerve is passing under the carpal tunnel which extends from forearm and connects to the shoulder and neck. The median nerve is also the cause of certain pain that we suffer from a specific time. Neck and shoulder is only near and connected to each other that is why sometimes you will suffer the both pains.


High force

Implementing high amount of force damages your tendons and ligaments.  In order to prevent this, you only have to exert a little and moderate force. Certain force that damages your ligaments can be helped by a chiropractor.  Chiropractic is the process of a health care to assure and emphasize treatments and prevention of having disorder of parts that are generally connected to our nervous system.


Vibration is only produces when you are also exerting force. However, vibration is the only unnecessary movements caused by a certain force. It also caused by other devices and hand tools that are excessive use is the cause. Applying some tasks and activities that are used in a Chiropractic treatment can lessen your problem. Using of hot and cold water therapy is one of the treatments we use.

Injuries and Fractures

Past injuries and fractures are all prone to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Present and past injuries and other fractures are very crucial in which distractions of the ligaments are already involves. In this situation, tendons are prone to injuries and dislocation. Dislocations of bones are the injuries that the locations of bones are being disturbed.  Joints are usually has the highest tendency to dislocate.


Pain of shoulder and neck are genetically transferable. This happens when a person has such a disorder and it involves bone allocation, dislocation, improper place of body parts.


Commonly, old people can easily involve in this kind of syndrome thus high tendency of bone fractures and injuries are present. Ages also decrease the performance of the bones and ligaments.

Work issues

Working hard is a part of our daily life. However, working with minimal movements and activities can cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the neck and shoulder thus it limits its ability to rotate freely. You will surely suffer from burning sensation behind your neck and shoulder after implementing a specific position.

These are the factors that affect Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Preventing them is only way to avoid sufferings.  Chiropractor technologies can help stop your symptoms. Affordable prices and certified technologies can surely suit your needs.  For more Inquiries, please visit us by logging in to our website.


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