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Along with Chiropractic Evaluations and Adjustments, MacKay Chiropractic features the following services:

Applied Kinesiology:

Applied Kinesiology is a unique way of using the bodies nervous system to help determine what might be causing problems in the human body. Applied kinesiology combines the classical understanding of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, lymphatic system, visceral organs, nutrition and acupuncture meridians used by the Eastern societies for more than 2000 years. Using Applied Kinesiology, we have helped many people with learning disabilities, sports injuries, anxiety and blood sugar issues, low energy and many pain patterns that have not been treated with great success by other practitioners.

Migraine Headache Relief

Read about Dr. MacKay’s approach toward relief for Migraine headache sufferers.

Natural Allergy Elimination

Find out how Dr. MacKay treats and eliminates allergies without prescriptions.

Nutritional Counseling (more information coming soon)

Stress Management (more information coming soon)

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