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Get the best Chiropractic Care at Mackay Chiropractic!

When you think chiropractor you think of the typical spinal adjustments. Well at Mackay’s we offer not your ordinary services. We treat migraine, PMS, and allergies. We go about caring for our patients in a non-invasive and natural manner ensuring your utmost safety. Check out Mackay’s and let’s take the next step to a healthier… read more

Get Migraine Headache Relief in Las Vegas

If you’re suffering from pain that seems to have no solution. Give Dr. MacKay a call to see if his approach might be the ticket to relief for you! Migraine Headache Relief Las Vegas is one of Dr. MacKay’s specialties. Dr. MacKay founded MacKay Chiropractic October of 1998. Being a native of Las Vegas, Dr.… read more